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Adry de Martino- Woman. Apulian. Illustrator.

Drawing on Canvas, windows, t-shirts, skin......

Piattini Davanguardia

Ironic ceramic art...

Bar Project Academy

The art of bartending art in pop-up spaces...

Andrea Ranghos - art goes pop up!

Illustration, graphic design and digital art in temporary spaces ...

Locus 2018 - cultural weaves

art, music and creativity...

What's Pop Uppens?

Welcome to the Pop-up world!...

17 july | Stories

OCC – Officine Culturali Carrassi

Questo post è disponibile in italiano:   Il progetto “OCC – Officine Culturali quartiere Carrassi” (Bari) propone

16 july | Stories

Adry de Martino- Woman. Apulian. Illustrator.

This post is available in italian: Illustratrice e designer, laureata all’Istituto Europeo di Design di Milano, apprendista tatuatrice,

26 june | Stories

Piattini Davanguardia

Questo articolo è disponibile in italiano: Mangiare un piatto di pasta in compagnia di Bowie, o trovare della citrosodina come contorno per

09 july | Stories

Bar Project Academy

This post is only available in english: Negli ultimi anni la cultura del buon bere e soprattutto del bere consapevole, vive una fase di grande

01 july | Stories

Andrea Ranghos - art goes pop up!

This post is available in italian:   Cos’è l’arte? È la nostra espressione. È la nostra essenza. È

06 june | News

Locus 2018 - cultural weaves

This post is available in italian: {IMAGE_0} Partito nel lontano 2005 da una dimensione intima e locale, il LOCUS compie 14

29 march | News

Ray Ban pop up store in Italy

The brand has opened the first pop-up store in Italy. It is hosted in the throbbing heart of Milan, the point of reference for shopping in the city

17 january | News

What's Pop Uppens?

Welcome to the first blog post for Pop Uppens! We’ll get you in our vision of the pop-up world and all the services we’re going to

13 april | News

Milan Design week: the best pop-up stores of 2018 edition

This article is only available in italian: Quest’anno al FuoriSalone 2018 c’è una piacevole sorpresa in

24 january | News

Why Pop Uppens?

Pop Uppens! Pop it up. Make it happen! We made a huge brainstorming for our project’s naming. We played with words and find more than ten

18 january | News

Noma Copenhagen pop-up restaurant in Mexico

“We just wanted to go to Mexico” he said to Vogue. So René Redzepi, number one chef of the world in the 50 Best Restaurant

30 january | Stories

Pop Uppens XMAS pop-up store

This post is available only in italian:   Come vi abbiamo raccontato qui, Pop Uppens è un servizio digitale dedicato al mondo



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