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17 january | NEWS

What's Pop Uppens?

Welcome to the Pop-up world!

Welcome to the first blog post for Pop Uppens!

We’ll get you in our vision of the pop-up world and all the services we’re going to introduce to support it.

Our project starts in 2017, but its story began in 2010 with the very first pop-up experiences we made in Europe. We called it temporary-in-store and now has become known as shop sharing all over the world.

 We are a team of professionals in retail, marketing and design fields. We’re over ten-year experienced in events and creative retail.

Our philosophy is based on rethinking spaces. We promote a different use of space, that encourages creativity, engages the community and estabilishes a new and more sustainable urban life model.

We decided to transform this phylosophy in an ambitious project, PIN- Pugliesi Innovativi winner.




Pop Uppens is…


A web service connecting the demand and the offer for short term rentals


A network of creatives, enterpreneurs and space owners collaborating to make pop-up ideas happen


A market place of spaces for temporary stores and pop-up events


A community of people searching for spaces to promote their idea


A platform for pop-up business, also available as App


Pop Uppens will be online very soon in both italian and english.

While you wait to start using it, this blog will update you with stories, guides, inspirations and news from the pop-up world.

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Read also

27 march | News

Estetista Cinica takes Rome with a pop-up store at La Rinascente

This post is available in italian: Approda a Roma con il Circo Cinico, presso La Rinascente di via del Tritone, Cristina Fogazzi,

06 november | News

Facebook opens its first pop-up stores

  "Every day, millions of people discover brands and products they love on Facebook and Instagram. This holiday season, we're excited

06 june | News

Locus 2018 - cultural weaves

This post is available in italian: {IMAGE_0} Partito nel lontano 2005 da una dimensione intima e locale, il LOCUS compie 14

29 march | News

Ray Ban pop up store in Italy

The brand has opened the first pop-up store in Italy. It is hosted in the throbbing heart of Milan, the point of reference for shopping in the city



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